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Menu Monday

Menu Mondaylittlew8
Menu Monday

I’ve been trying to decide how I wanted to share my meal plan for the week with you guys and then it dawned on me — DUH, you have a blog! I forget it’s there sometimes but I think this will be the easiest place to keep everything. I actually used to do Menu Mondays years ago so I’m glad to be bringing it back!As far as meal planning goes for me, I try to be as thorough as I can. I plan a breakfast (b), snack (s), lunch (l), snack, (s), and dinner (d). Most of the recipes below will be from Clean Simple Eats Fall plan and you guys can get $15 off any meal plan (digital or hard copy) with code JEN. All of her meal books have been amazing but I think the fall one is my favorite so far and I haven’t even tried that many recipes! Gimme all the pumpkin flavored everything!Clean Simple Eats actually does all of this for you in her meal plan but personally, I like to choose everything. It’s definitely more work and if you haven’t meal planned in the past, it might be best to either just go with what she has chosen or you are welcome to use what I’ve chosen! If you are following her plan, just make sure to figure out how many calories you’re supposed to be eating and make any necessary adjustments. And if you ever wondered if I actually use CSE recipes as much as I say I do, see below. I’ve been using her recipes solidly for almost a year and am always blown away by them.As I’m choosing what I’ll be cooking, I’m also compiling my grocery list for the week. If I’m not sure that I have something, I still write it down with a question mark next to it so I know to check if we already have it. After I’m done menu planning, I put my order in online and pick up my groceries the next morning curbside! If you haven’t tried curbside pickup yet, DO IT!


  • b: almond joy shake (fall)

  • s: apple crumb muffin (fall)

  • l: pumpkin French toast (fall and TO DIE FOR)

  • s: caramel peanut butter dip (spring)

  • d: eggs & toast


  • b: pumpkin pie overnight oats (fall)

  • s: chocolate power dip (fall)

  • l: pepperoni pinwheels (fall)

  • s: apple crumb muffin (fall)

  • d: chicken fettuccine Alfredo (fall — update: this recipe was more work than most of hers. I actually didn’t think it would be very good but I was wrong!)


  • b: fall cookie dough bites (fall. Go ahead and double these — delicious!)

  • s: pumpkin cream pancakes (fall)

  • l: leftover chicken Alfredo

  • s: milk & cookies (fall)

  • d: salsa chicken pileup (fall)


  • b: pumpkin pie overnight oats (fall)

  • s: fall cookie dough bites (fall)

  • l: leftover salsa chicken (fall)

  • s: pumpkin pie spiced white hot chocolate (fall)

  • d: taco soup (fall. So good and just as good leftover! Doubling this recipe.)


  • b: pumpkin pie overnight oats (I really hope these are good hah! Update: these were not my favorite but I also don’t love pumpkin pie. If you do, I think you’ll like it.)

  • s: caramel peanut butter dip (spring)

  • l: leftover taco soup (fall)

  • s: spiced banana almond shake (fall)

  • d: beef & broccoli stir fry (fall)


  • b: protein bite from freezer

  • s: wheat thins & hummus (1 serving wheat thins with a personal size Kirkland hummus)

  • l: leftover taco soup

  • s: yasso ice cream bar (mint chocolate chip!)

  • d: out to eat

I am not crazy strict on sticking exactly to this. This is a GUIDELINE for me. I like planning out even my snacks because it gives me ideas when I’m hungry instead of not being able to think of anything and grabbing for chips instead. 90% of the battle with eating healthy is prep work. CSE maps literally everything out for you, even how to meal prep basically all in one day. I still cook dinner every night because I like having some fresh meals but whatever works best for your family. If cooking a bunch in one day helps you to eat healthy then do that! My kryptonite is easy kids lunches so if I don’t have something planned or leftovers to grab from the fridge, you can bet I’ll be sharing whatever Sawyer’s lunch is for the day.If you aren’t a huge planner or eating healthy is hard for you, take it slow. You’ll notice a difference in how you look and how you feel and that will make you want to do it more. Let me know if you have any questions!-LWPHA few notes:

  • I’m freezing most of the apple crumb muffins I made and will just pull one or two out of the freezer in the morning. Muffins freeze so well!

  • Protein bites can be kept in the fridge or the freezer. I always choose the freezer because they last longer and they thaw quickly.