Siena, Italy

Siena, Italy

It was a fairly quick train ride from Rome to Siena. We arrived, took a bus to our Air BNB and met with the owner. We got SO lucky with this place! The view was spectacular, right on the square. Our windows looked right out onto the clock tower.


I really wish I would’ve taken more photos of the place for you because it was maybe the most charming place we stayed. They had done such a wonderful job keeping the history alive.I so wish we would’ve had more time in Siena! The pace was such a welcome change from Rome’s go-go-go. I would use the word charming to describe Siena. It had a quiet beauty that we all fell in love with immediately. We had one of our best dinners of the whole trip in Siena (even though my dish wasn’t as warm as I would’ve liked). The restaurant a friend had recommended happened to be just downstairs on the square where we were staying. Shops and gelaterias lined the streets (and most closed quite early).

We went to the Duomo in Siena during our short stay and we were all blown away when we walked in. We hadn’t seen anything quite like it on our trip. The black and white stripes were unexpected and stunning. The detail on the floors was unreal. We were lucky to have gone during a time where the floors were mostly uncovered. During parts of the  year they cover quite a bit of it so I’m glad we were able to see them.I loved the stars on the ceiling with the stain glass in the  background. I don't know if you can tell in these pictures but they also had each pope’s head carved out of stone lining the ceiling.My sweet Courtney of Tnee’s Tpees eating a banana :)This was our view just outside of our Air BNB. This square is actually where the hold a very famous horse race once per year. Each district has a horse that they cheer on and people are stacked like sardines in the middle while the horses race around the outside of the square. I think it would be fun to see but the amount of people they have in the square gave me serious anxiety! I think I prefer the low key Siena we got to experience.Gelato all day every day.


This was our most expensive gelato we got the whole trip! Not the best, not the worst. I found myself getting similar flavors in most shops. Mint chocolate chip, hazelnut, and stratiacella.


This statue was carved by Michaelangelo!If we have a chance to go back to Italy in the future I would like to stay in Siena for a couple of days! It was a beautiful 18 hours or so! And I’m sorry but I can’t seem to get a link to our Air BNB for Siena! The title of it is “Prestigious Apartment in Piazzo del Campo” so I hope that helps!-LWPH