Menu Monday

Menu Monday

I haven’t blogged in a while (since my last Menu Monday) but I’m hoping to get better about being a little more consistent here! We just got back from a week at Disney World where we basically ate junk/heavy food and I’ve never been more ready to get back into the groove of eating clean. I feel really bloated but it was worth it because those dole whips...HEAVEN! So without further’s my menu for this week! Everything is basically Clean Simple Eats (shocker!) fall plan unless otherwise specified. Which (by the way) you have until 10/4 to use code JEN for $15 off!(Photo credit Clean Simple Eats)Monday

  • b: protein bite (before workout)

  • s: pumpkin cream pancakes

  • l: pb overnight oats (spring)

  • S: peanut butter toast/eggs

  • d: chicken corn chowder


  • b: pumpkin protein waffles

  • S: caramel apple peanut butter dip (spring)

  • L: leftover chicken corn chowder

  • s: apple muffin/protein shake

  • d: turkey pot pie


  • b: cinnaberry square/egg white

  • s: almond coconut bites

  • l: leftover turkey pot pie

  • s: cookie crumb granola/milk

  • d: bbq chicken avocado wrap


  • b: apple cinnamon pancakes

  • s: apple muffin/protein shake

  • l: leftover bbq chicken wrap

  • s: chocolate power dip

  • d: sloppy sweet potato (2 servings. Eggs/toast for kids.)


  • b: leftover apple pancakes

  • s: vanilla blueberry parfait (summer)

  • l: leftovers

  • s: peanut butter caramel milkshake (winter)

  • d: bbq chicken pizza (spring)


  • b: protein bite before workout

  • s: caramel apple dip (spring)

  • l: leftover bbq chicken pizza

  • s: hummus/wheat thins

  • d: TREAT (not cheat!) meal


  • breakfast for dinner!