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Master Bedroom Progress

House Tourlittlew8
Master Bedroom Progress

Oy, guys. Moving is a killer! We were even lucky enough to have my husband's company do the packing and physical moving of all of home and it was still so much hard work. I went through basically our whole house before we moved to trash/donate anything we didn't want to take with us then unpacking here has been a challenge with three little helpers hanging around. I'd say we are 90% of the way there but there are just things that I'm not sure where I want them to go! So they lay on our floor or shoved in a closet. I need to get the last 10% organized then I'll feel a lot more zen. But seriously guys, I just kept telling myself how friggin lucky we were to have his company move us because I know that's not the case for most. Trust me, I was definitely counting our blessings!Today I'm mostly going to share pictures of our bed/nightstand set up becauuuuse let's be honest, it's about the most put together part of our bedroom. Our room in California literally only fit this furniture (and BARELY that) so we are struggling with the best way to fill the space. I don't like buying a bunch of junk just to fill a space so I want it to be useful and add purpose, not just look pretty. I'm trying to decide if we should put art above our bed. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I'd love to hear!  I'm thinking maybe we should do a couple of framed family photos but I'm not married to the idea.The only thing we've gotten so far for this room that we didn't already own is this amazing rug from Well Woven. The quality is SO good. Way better than I was even anticipating! It lays beautifully and is so soft. I think a good rug can add a lot to a room that is full of plain ole carpet and I'm loving how this one looks with our furniture. Well Woven offered my readers a unique 30% off code and I hope you guys will give them a try because not only is the quality great but the prices are super reasonable too! Just enter powerhouse30 at checkout to get your discount.We started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to our oldest guy (he turned 7 in July) and I'm surprised at how much he's loving it! My husband kind of took over because a) his voices are WAY better than mine and b) I take the younger two and read more kiddie books to them which I love. If you're thinking about reading it to your kiddos, I recommend this illustrated version, it's super cute and gives them something to focus on while you read.This is one of my absolute favorite pieces of art by Caitlin Connolly. She is SO talented. There is so much beauty and meaning behind each piece she creates so I highly recommend checking her out.I'll go ahead and link to everything I can below but if I miss anything, just leave it in the comments and I'll get back to you!

  • Bed (upgraded version here), nighstands (no longer sell exact but most similar here), bedding & euro shams: West Elm

  • Lamps: The Land of Nod

  • Harry Potter book: Amazon

  • Rug: c/o Well Woven (use powerhouse30 for 30% off!)

  • Set of three off white pillows: handmade my me!

  • Long pillow: Target a while back

Phew, I hope that helps! I'm looking forward to giving you guys more of a detailed tour as we get it together! I'm trying to put a deadline on myself but ya know, life is happening. Like 2/3 of my kids throwing up the first week of school. L-I-F-E. Anyway, leave any questions in the comments and I'll get back to you!-LWPH

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