>Road Trip to West TX


>The trip to West Texas was suprisingly pleasant. My theory is that you go into things like these expecting the worst and you always come out the other end pleasantly surprised. We started the trip off on a good note...that was until we hit Fort Worth and got stuck in traffic for about an hour. Three wrecks within ten miles. Just our luck. We got through that and the rest of the drive was smooth sailing. Holden cried for about and hour and a half [when we told my mom this, she said "That's a good trip?"] Yes, mom! It was a good trip. Here's why:

  • Holden slept about half of the trip
  • We got pulled over on the highway and got out of a ticket :P
  • I got a Blizzard from DQ that I had been craving!
  • We arrived earlier than expected

Doesn't this break your heart?

The upside to him being in his car seat for so long was that he was extra, super snuggly when I would get him out. I had a hard time putting him back in! Here he is when we took one of our breaks:

Christmas is so close! I can't wait!

-Little Wife Power House