Pink Blush Maternity



In the past, I've never given too much thought to my maternity style -- just buying up a size in regular shirts or even in months 8 & 9 with my first just borrowing my husband's tees! Not surprising, I never felt super attractive pregnant and told myself this time around I'd get a few pieces that really make me feel good but don't cost a ton. Let's be honest, who wants to spend a ton on maternity clothes you can only wear for a few months?!


I was so happy to stumble on Pink Blush Maternity through instagram because it totally fit the bill! I was looking for more fitted, long tops that didn't make me look [and feel] bigger than I am! They are always having great sales and I even found a super cute baseball tee for $15 through a special they were having on instagram one day! I wore the floral maternity dress to church a couple of weeks ago and I can't tell you how many people complimented me in it -- talk about making a mama feel good! Getting a few pieces that really fit your growing belly well is totally worth it.

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