>holden starts with green beans!



On Christmas we went over to the Guerrero's and had a fancy schmancy meal. It was gourmet! Martha Jr. [aka Lori] made beef tenderloin with potatoes, green beans, rolls, gourmet mushrooms, etc. It was amazing. Holden is almost 6 months so we decided it was time to start him on some green veggies! Green beans were there [and are usually around] so we are starting with those this week. He's naked because he had blown out of his diaper and I only had one back up outfit and I thought he would be a lot messier than he was! 

[This is my favorite picture of the bunch. I love the Christmas tree in the background.]

He probably ate 2-3 mashed green beans. The travelling food mill is a must! This week at home I will be using the Magic Bullet to blend green beans and will be using the same containers as I did with the rice cereal to freeze some for future use. It's exciting. My baby boy is growing up! 

-Little Wife Power House

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