Family, Holidayslittlew8

>more Christmas fun!

Family, Holidayslittlew8

>I told you...FOUR Christmases! It's just been so much fun to stretch out Christmas. Luckily we have enough family that we might get away with this every year. muahahah :) 

We went over to my Mom's tonight. Emily, Steve, John, and Chris all came down from Utah and Julie made the trip from Dallas. What a wonderful family we have. We opened presents first since the amazingly tasty chicken pies took a while to cook. Here are a few pictures of the shenanigans that ensued.

[they have a major bromance going on]

I had to take a picture of the loot we scored at Gigi's. She spoils us [with gifts, with love, with everything].

[yes, that is just OUR stuff!]

[casey, look at my apron from robert! mrs.clause&santaholden]

Mom & Lori ordered these pies from Harry&David. We saw them on Oprah. "If Oprah likes them they have to be good" was our thought and we were so right! They are SO good [especially the gravy, right guys? :P] Check them out!

I'm so excited to use our new pots & pans! My mom surprised us with those. I've been complaining about our pots & pans for months [terrible. emeril. don't get them.] and she was so sweet to think to get us those. We're home now and are probably going to watch How To Train Your Dragon [thx mom]! I feel so blessed. I feel blessed every day but especially blessed this time of year to spend so much time with those I love [and the presents don't hurt ;)]. 

Goodnight from the Andersons!

-Little Wife Power House

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