Family, Holidayslittlew8

>Christmas with the Anderson[s]

Family, Holidayslittlew8

>What a fun day! I love having so much family. That means Christmas seems to last a bit longer. We get to have FOUR Christmases this year [didn't they make a movie about that??] Two on my side, one on Allan's, then the most important one...OUR LITTLE FAMILY! 

We did Christmas today with Dad, Elizabeth, and Robin. First we went to Kobe's for lunch. That is only our favorite restaurant ever. I could eat it every day...It started out a little rocky with the H man:

Luckily he quickly shifted gears...

Let me tell you, they spoiled us. Especially little Holden. That's part of being a grandparent right? Spoiling your grandchildren. It was santaholden's first go at unwrapping presents and he did better than I thought he would! He loved playing with the paper [it crinkles. should have expected that.] He even ripped some! 

Then we went to Allan's parents for some more Christmas fun. Games, burgers, family, presents, love. Sterling got me an AWESOME recipe box with AWESOME recipe cards! I was so happy when I opened it. Here are some pictures from the festivities.

[carrie&jett were folding their arms!]

I just love this time of year. I love our family and am so grateful for our Savior and everything He did for us. 

-Little Wife Power House