Birthday, Giveaway, Kodalittlew8


Birthday, Giveaway, Kodalittlew8

>Finally got some proof! They love each other. 

PS Happy 5 Monthday to Holden! We will be celebrating low key at Rosa's tonight. Mom is tired from the party on Saturday and the house isn't clean to have people over anyways. It will be so fun! I love Rosa's Monday. 

[i love this picture because it looks like he's pulling a silly face]

PPS I decided what I'm doing for the giveaway. Keep your eyes peeled for my 100th post!

PPPS I finally bought all of the frames for our "frame wall" at the end of our stairs. I got to order holden's newborn pictures this morning! I can't wait to put everything together...have I mentioned lately how lucky I am to have an interior designer for a sister? She is amazing. My house would not look like it does without her! 

-Little Wife Power House