Holden, Koda, Twilightlittlew8

>The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Holden, Koda, Twilightlittlew8

>I am the proud new owner of Eclipse on blu ray! I got it in the mail yesterday so you know me and Holden had to watch it! Here he is snuggling with Santa Teddy while watching some amazing cinematography ;)

He hopes Edward & Bella make it! hehe He will hate me for this later in life. 

On another note: you guys know Koda. Our neurotic, hair-brained, lovable [to some] dog. Well, I was worried about how she would take to mr. h being the center of our world and her being pushed aside a little. Turns out they love each other!! I heard Holden giggling on the floor behind me and turn to find Koda giving him kisses and he was just loving it! I tried to capture a picture of it but this is all I could get:

When I'm snuggling with Holden on the floor Koda will come and lay right next to us. It's really sweet. Now I'm not sure this lovefest will continue once he can walk/grab her/terrorize her but for now I just think it's the cutest thing!

Happy Friday!

-Little Wife Power House