Holidays, Recipelittlew8

>Gingerbread Houses

Holidays, Recipelittlew8

>I know, I know...I just posted...but I wanted to post about the Gingerbread Houses we made on Saturday before I had too much to write about that they just fall by the wayside...

I found this homemade gingerbread house tutorial here at Oopsey Daisy [love her blog]. I can't wait until Holden is old enough to help me build and decorate the gingerbread houses. I think it will be much more enjoyable next year since I worked out a few quirks. 1) the recipe says to chill for 3 hours. DO NOT make the day before and chill overnight! The dough gets rock hard and dry which makes it almost impossible to work with. That's after letting it sit out for a long time and adding a little warm water. 2) keep the glue [aka burnt sugar] warm on the stove while building the house. 3) cut your pieces as straight as possible! It really, really makes a difference. I used a pizza cutter and my houses were still a little "special." I'll try harder next year...

 [casey&joe building their house and allan in the early stages of construction]

[the finished products! yay for gingerbread houses!]

[the proud participants]

The tree idea was also from oopsey daisy. I can't take credit for anything [like I said - no creativity bones in my body]. They are just ice cream cones turned upside down, smothered with icing, and decorated. What a great idea!

Hope you guys are getting into the Christmas season as much as we are! I will be be prepping all week for our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party on Saturday. Check in next week for pictures!

-Little Wife Power House