>Sallie's Bridal Shower


>This is Sallie. She is the about-to-be-mrs-ferguson.

[isn't she going to be the most beautiful bride ever?]

Sallie has SO many people that love her! There must have been 40 people there...wowza! They started with a game where they asked Garrett questions in advance and had Sallie guess what he answered. She got the first one right word for word and did pretty well after that! ;) I think they might be meant to be! I'm so excited for [first] December 21st when Sallie goes through the temple for her first time and [second] December 28th when they get sealed together forever! Here is Sallie with my sweet H:

We had to skip out before presents because the Emperor's patience was wearing thin and he needed a nap. It's okay because they're not getting our gift until they get married anyways because 1. Allan wants to be there when we give it to them and 2. I have to see Garrett's face! Sallie got a Coke wrapped up :) 

S&G - do I win biggest fan yet?!

-Little Wife Power House