>lunch at the office



I found a blog (A Packable Feast) where all she does is blogs about her packed lunches each day. Sounds boring but I have gotten some great ideas from it! She's on a diet though so most of the food is just too healthy for me & Allan ;) She uses this bento box every day and I LOVE IT. It feeds my need for organization and separation! It's perfect. Separate boxes with secure lids, a separate dipping sauce container, silverware, all in a neat box that snaps shut. OCD much? I know. I've accepted it. Allan had kind of a crazy month in November for eating out [waaaay over budget - good thing I love him so much] so I figured we had to do something. We decided he would eat at the office 4 days a week and eat out 1 day. Fair, right? I think so. Since I'll probably do most of the packing [let's be real] I'm so glad I found this gem of a lunch box. Another good idea is that when you put your leftovers in tupperware for the next day, put them in the freezer instead. They will thaw throughout the day [no refrigeration needed!], be perfect when lunchtime comes around to heat up, and will keep any other items [fruit, carrots, etc] cold. Smart, right? I will have more of a reason to cook frequently [it's hard to cook for two...try cooking for ONE most nights. Allan's schedule is ridiculous.] Some of my ideas for lunches are:

-the ole standby: turkey sandwich
-leftover beef stroganoff [actually is very tasty reheated]
-leftover lasagna
-enchiladas [very easy. frozen burrito covered in enchilada sauce and cheese!]
-basically...leftover anything :)
-pitas...this would be a new frontier for me
-black bean chili

Lunches are tough because they can get old fast. Any tips from people who take lunch to the office frequently? Recipes? [I've said it before...I love trying new recipes!] Lunch ideas? [I can find the recipe!] Any help would be greatly appreciated - especially by Allan!

-Little Wife Power House

PS Who else is so excited it's DECEMBER?! LOVE THIS MONTH!