>The Gratitude Challenge: Day Twenty-Three



Day twenty-three:
I'm grateful that Allan is such a wonderful father.

[ugh, can't get it up & down...will fix later]

You know, I remember having a conversation with another woman in the YW Presidency last year [who has 3 daughters] about how badly children [especially girls] need a strong father figure. We were thinking about young girls in general and realized that a lot of the girls who seriously struggle in their youth have an absent father in their lives. Now that isn't to say that boys don't need a strong father figure in their lives, they do. I just think it's different. I don't have any daughters [yet] but when I do, I'm grateful to know that Allan will be there 110% just as he is for H. 

I'm looking forward to Allan playing catch with H, teaching him about computers [he'll probably be a geek. like father like son], playing Mario Cart together, going camping, just playing together. It really doesn't matter what they do. I'm grateful I don't have to worry about him checking out of family time after a long day's work. I'm grateful he always puts his family first. I knew before I married him that he was going to be a great father and I was right [what's new, right Allan? :P] We love you [to the moon and back].

-Little Wife Power House