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>The Gratitude Challenge: Day Twenty-Four

Cooking, Gratitudelittlew8


Day twenty-four:
I'm grateful for Pizza Friday.

[H can't wait till he can be included in the pizza portion of the evening. already trying to steal ours!]

Lately it's been Pizza whatever-day-we-can-fit-in-family-time. It doesn't really matter what day as long as we get yummy pizza, a movie, and hanging out. This past week it was Pizza Wednesday. I decided last minute to do it so I didn't have time to defrost the hamburger so we just did cheese pizza and watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It was really good, actually. I'm looking forward to keeping this tradition going for a long time :)
-Little Wife Power House
PS Our measuring cup dove off of the counter on Pizza Wednesday and crashed into a million pieces: