>can I get a day off?


>Being sick while being a stay-at-home mom/working-from-home mom is pretty bad. I give it two thumbs down. Can I get a day off?  Unfortunately that's not how it works. As a Mom, I'm on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I can't call in sick to mommyhood. I know if I just had a day where I could sleep it off and rest I would get over this quickly but it just won't happen. And to start off my morning guess what happened. Holden had an explosion...and not just a little one either. A SIX WIPE explosion. Hey, at least I'm not throwing up. Silver lining. 

I'm also going to start combining my gratitude challenge posts so I'm not only doing that every day. Posting it every day is such a good way to keep me on track but I can see how it would get boring. This way I can make sure I do both! 

Day fourteen:
I'm grateful for cute little baby feet & hands.

There's nothing like a little baby hand clutching your finger or playing with tiny baby feet. It's crazy to think we were all once that small and it's sad to think Holden's feet & hands won't be that small in such a short time. Although, they'll still be MY baby's cute feet and hands forever :). 

-Little Wife Power House