>The Gratitude Challenge: Day Twelve



Day twelve:
I'm grateful for music.

Whether it be The Blood Brothers or Hymns, I love music. Music can bring you back in time. It can make you feel peace, happiness, sadness, anger, nostalgia, every emotion known to man. Some people in my life who love music to the max are Steve & Emily (my brother and his wife). They are dedicated. They still make time to go to shows often. They are always finding new bands and sharing them with others. It's something fun that they get to share together and they always will. I think Steve has turned me on to a lot of the bands I listen to. Some of my favorite bands include: The Spill Canvas, Deathcab for Cutie, Postal Service, Journey, Jimmy Eat World, The Good Life, really - any 80's music (ask Allan, he hates it!), the list goes on. I also really love Hymns. H loves them too! When he was a new newborn, he would mostly only go to sleep if someone sang to him. I always sang hymns to him. They are peaceful, calming, and beautiful. I wish I knew all of the words to every hymn like my wonderful husband (and I mean every's impressive!) ...maybe one day. I hope that we can share our love for all music with Holden as he grows up. 

-Little Wife Power House

P.S. Steve & Emily - if you have any new bands to share, please do! I completely trust your taste :P