>frisco heritage museum


>I'm sure some of you are getting really bored with my gratitude posts so I'm going to make sure and still post fun things we do. Last week Holden & I went to the Frisco Heritage Museum with Lori and the boys. For those in the Frisco area with young children, it was actually pretty fun and really cheap - just $4! We got to see old cars:

{This was a car from 1916}

They had a retro-style living room which was so fun! I actually want one of these TV's (with a HD screen :P) in my house!

{Holden is sitting up really well now-a-days!}

Holden and Ash got some "cousin time." It's funny because they look almost nothing alike! Asher & JR have tan skin and dark hair while Holden has very fair skin and red hair (both from me...hope he doesn't resent me later :P). They love each other none the less!

They also had a train section, king cotton section, and a quilting section. Overall, it was a win! Older children (3+) would enjoy it more but Asher still had a great time.

-Little Wife Power House

P.S. I have a phone again! Happy day!!