>The Gratitude Challenge: Day Six



Day six:
I'm grateful for my house.

We bought our first house about six months ago. We were very lucky to find the house we did for the price we did. We have enough room in the house that we could have a few more kids and be fine. I don't want to move again anytime soon! I love it here too much. We've had to do some work (paint and more recently fix the sprinkler system, replace the two trees you see in the front, and get gutters put on the rest of the house.) We knew all of this needed to be done when we bought it - I was just a little busy being pregnant then having a newborn to deal with it :). There is still more work to be done but just little things. I can't wait to start on the upstairs playroom in the next six months or so! I already have it all mapped out! I love the location, the size, the neighborhood, the ward, the layout, the fireplace, the garden bathtub, the HUGE closet, the list goes on. AAAANDDD we got it in time to qualify for the $8,000 tax refund! Bonus! A big thank you to our realtor Ryan Owens for finding us this house!

-Little Wife Power House