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>Trunk or Treat 2010

Family, Holidayslittlew8

>Tonight was our ward's Trunk or Treat. We definitely weren't missing it this year since Halloween is on a Sunday so we won't be able to go. Today was kind of an off day in the Anderson household. Allan worked from home today since he was still a little sick and Holden was just so happy that he skipped a nap! He didn't want to miss a second of Daddy time. So by the time Trunk or Treat time came around, H was not a happy camper. We still went and we were really glad we did. We got to hang out with Jenn, Babe and their boys and see some friends. I love Halloween!

{Husband and Holden then Jennifer and, Jett}
{Maybe one of my favorite Holden pictures...ever}
{Me and H}

{Holden by the end of the evening}

Holden passed out about 20 minutes before we left and was seriously sacked out. I hardly ever get to hold him while he's sleeping anymore so I really enjoyed it. Holding a sleeping baby is one of the most calming things, in my opinion. He was a trooper even though he was a little cold and a lot of tired. Can't wait until next year when he can toddle around! 

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