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>The Gratitude Challenge: Day Three

Family, Gratitudelittlew8


Day three:
I'm grateful for my Mom.

Where to start on the most influential woman in my life? Let me just say that when I think of what kind of Mom I want to be to my kids, I think of my own Mom. She is the most kind, compassionate, giving, loving person I know. As she would say, "I'm the kindest person in the world!" (Inside joke - apparently her personality type is supposed to be the nicest personality.) She's always been there to bail me out. She'll always be there to bail me out, I know that. She makes the best food {ROAST}, she can sleep anywhere {a talent she developed over the years having 6 children}, and she loves unconditionally. She is beautiful inside and out - and hilarious! She's the "master of the universe!" Mom, thanks for always being there for me {like when I was two weeks overdue and I came to your house crying and you took me to get a mani/pedi}. I love you x a million and I truly hope I can be as good of a mother to Holden (and our future children) as you are to all of us. 

-Little Wife Power House