>The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge


I have to start the gratitude challenge with: 
I'm grateful for my son. 

The first picture was one of the first times I got to hold my sweet baby boy after he was born. The second picture is one of his newborn pictures that we had done 5 days after he was born. I saw this idea on my sister's blog {My Montessori Moments - check it out if you ever need great ideas for teaching your young ones!} and she got it from another blog. I think this is such a great idea - especially with Thanksgiving coming up. I have so much to be grateful for. This 30 day challenge should be a breeze :P. The only trick will be remembering to do it every day! Our family will be reading it on Thanksgiving Day as well (thanks, Lori!). Hopefully I can get my busy husband to do it, too. Spread the word! I'd love to see this on my friends' blogs!

-Little Wife Power House