>sensitive skin



{All of Holden's skin remedies}

This will be a terribly boring post for most people but this is something I wanted to keep note of to hold over Holden's head later in life :P Just kidding!

     1. Corn Starch: Thanks to my wonderful MIL who shared this 
        little trick with me. Corn starch gets rid of heat rash! 
     2. Olive Oil: for the top of his head and dry ears
     3. Baby Powder: tried this to keep the area under his many 
        chins dry but it irritated his skin.
     4. Lotrimin/Neosporin/A&D/topical cream/Oxistat: all for 
        under his neck
     5. Calendula Cream: for his entire body (minus his neck and 
Plus fragrance free everything. Holden, I must really love you! ;)

-Little Wife Power House