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>Halloween Party

Family, Holidayslittlew8

>Casey and Joe had their annual Halloween Extravaganza on Monday. Pumpkin carving, yummy treats, prizes...what's better than that? I love this time of year. We got to put Holden in his Halloween costume a little early! So fun. 

{Holden and his Aunt Jaimie. Both are decked out in their Halloween best!}

{Joe getting all of the pumpkins ready to carve. Their house looked great!}

{Husband loving on Holden}

We decided not to do the Zombie Party at our house again this year for a few reasons:

      1. I don't have time to plan it.
      2. Things are a little tighter in the money department 
      3. Last year's party wasn't the biggest hit (in my opinion)

Maybe next year if those things change and I have time to come up with fun activities for the party we'll do it again. It was fun getting together with friends but we basically just chatted in zombie costumes :P. We are going to the Pumpkin Patch in Flowermound this weekend with Mindy, Levi, Aiden and hopefully the Bigleys. We also get to go to the Guerrero's annual Pancake Breakfast Saturday morning! What a fun weekend I have to look forward to!  

I've been testing out cloth diapers all week so that's still to come :P

-Little Wife Power House