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>Lazy Sunday

Family, Religion, Sleeplittlew8

>I love Sundays! They are the most enjoyable day of the week, in my opinion. The Sabbath (to me) means worshipping God and spending time with family. Today was stake conference which meant we got out of church at noon as opposed to 4:00 PM! Yay! That meant we got to come home and spend lots of time together. I gave Holden a bath, we did tummy time while Allan read a story to Holden, we napped. Nap time with Holden is the best:

{Together now: AWWWWWW}

{"Enough with the pictures, Mom!"}

{"The Giving Tree was his friend?!"}

{"So that's what a tree looks like..."}

What a wonderful day. I would live days like this over and over again if I could...

Later this week: my experiences with cloth diapers. 

Happy Sabbath!

-Little Wife Power House