Crazy, Husbandlittlew8

>found the $40!

Crazy, Husbandlittlew8

>I know you're all waiting on pins and needles to find out if we found the $40. Let me preface this post with Allan is the best husband in the world and his least favorite chore is taking out the trash. 

I looked all around the house (multiple times), through the diaper bag (multiple times), through my wallet, everywhere. Like I said before, it was no where to be found. I thought I had put it in one of the plastic grocery bags I was carrying things in. The grocery bags were no longer on the table but Allan said he was sure he looked through them. I'm a mean wife and asked him to look through the trash since we couldn't find it. Being the obliging husband, he humored me and looked through the trash in the kitchen and the trash he had taken out the night before in the big trashcan outside. He came in and told me no such luck. Urg...where could it be?! We both left Holden's room and started walking back to go to bed (past the kitchen table) and it was exactly where it should have been. On the table with the other items Allan had taken out of the plastic grocery bags before throwing them away. 

I say again, Allan is the best husband and he quickly forgave me for making him dig through the trash. 

-Little Wife Power House