Holden loves bath time. I love bath time with Holden. It's one of my favorite parts of the day. I know how good it feels to get scrubbed down and he seems to know it too. It is, however, a lengthy process. The water temperature has to be just right and it takes about 20 minutes to fill up. 

{Holden waiting for his appointment at spa-de-la-mommy in his "robe."}

I took some pictures of Holden's cute tooshy but I think he might kill me later in life if he ever saw I posted them on the internet so I'll have to resist. So. Darn. Cute. I had never heard of "cradle cap" before I had Holden. Why don't they tell you about this in the hospital and tell you what to do to avoid it? Would have made life much easier for me. Holden got it BAD. He also got basically the same thing on his eyebrows. His eyebrows were easy - got those taken care of in a few days but his scalp was another story. It is just now getting back to normal.  My pediatrician asked if I was doing anything to help the cradle cap and I had to laugh. What do I NOT do? All the hard work paid off and his scalp is now just as beautiful as the rest of him. New moms out there: they give you a brush when you leave the hospital (mine was strategically hidden so I didn't even know they had until two months later). Brush your baby's head every time you nurse/feed your baby and you shouldn't have a problem.

I always sing "You Are My Sunshine" to Holden in the bath and he coos and smiles when I do. I had to buy fragrance free, organic shampoo/body wash because Holden's skin was reacting to any scent. California Baby has the best line. I love it. I also use their all natural calendula cream on his dry skin (as the nurse practitioner said, "We won't call it eczema...yet.")

{Our bath time supplies}

Post-bath ritual:
1. Put a diaper back on (I made the mistake of letting him have "naked time" too many times)
2. Dry off under EVERY fat roll (he has a lot :P)
3. Put calendula cream on *almost* all of his body. I wouldn't recommend putting it under your baby's neck. 
4. Put a cute outfit on. We had to bump this one up because of the colder weather.
5. Get Q-tips, dip in olive oil, and oil up his ears. This has worked wonders on his dry ears.
6. Brush his hair down or it gets ca-razy!!
7. Get all boogers out. Added due to the weather.
8. Have one happy baby!

{I love this camera angle! Look at that smirk. I have a feeling he's going to be a heart breaker :P}

That ends our bath routine. Sorry for the lengthy post but I've been wanting to blog about it because it's so fun for me. I just love taking care of him and I know he won't always need me to do all of these things for him so I'm enjoying them while I can. 

On a side note:

I am so happy today. I spend a few minutes each day "brainwashing" Holden by saying momma and pointing to me. Don't tell Allan :). Today Holden started doing something new when I say momma. He SMILES every time! Oh man, it tugs at my heart strings like you wouldn't believe. Another "he knows I'm his momma" moment! I captured it on camera and wanted to share.

-Little Wife Power House