>the little girls



I just had to write down this story because it was too funny. On Saturday Allan's mom and the little girls (Carrie, 8, and Adelle, 6) popped on over. Allan's mom was outside checking out our dying tree and the little girls were playing with Holden while he sat in his bouncer. I was cooking in the kitchen and looked in the den to check on them and I see Carrie bounce bounce bouncing Holden reeeally hard. I'm like, "ahhh, uh, let's not do that!" So, I go over there to buckle Holden in for safe keeping and I hear Adelle say, "Good Carrie! Now you can bounce him hard again!!" LOL. Definitely had to stop those shenanigans. Those girls are hilarious.

P.S. I had to share this picture. I was going through them from when Holden was a itty bitty baby {5 days old}. He used to have a very extravagant waking up process. He would stretch, groan, wiggle, and make this face every time:

I'm so glad we caught it on camera. Enjoy!

-Little Wife Power House