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>bi-weekly family dinner

Cooking, Familylittlew8


I'm officially an adult! Tonight we had the *big* bi-weekly dinner at our house! OK, so really we just added my mom since Julie couldn't make it and the Guerreros come over all of the time for dinner buuuut...who's keeping track?! I have to say that it was definitely a success. Had dinner ready on time and enough chairs around the table. The crock pot did a fabulous job preparing dinner. Thanks crock pot! The real treat was the dessert. MMMMMM. Easy Apple Cake. 

The name doesn't lie. It is easy. I think the hardest part is probably peeling the apples (thanks Lori! She helped because it was getting late. What a great family I have). Bakerella is right, the batter is very thick and that's how it's supposed to be so don't add more liquid! Here it is in all its baked glory. It took my oven 43 minutes to bake it all the way through.

What's better than topping it off with brown sugar and butter? It was pretty healthy up until this point but I couldn't resist the sugary goodness. Bakerella says she wants to try it without the topping but not this girl. Bring on the topping, I say! Give me extra! We even made it more decadent by adding ice cream.

It was a hit. Asher was a huge fan. He was even coming after mine after his cake was gone. This dessert will be perfect for breakfast tomorrow. {I think I'll leave out the ice cream this time. :P It is breakfast, after all.}

Thanks for coming over, family. We love you guys. Julie and those in Utah/Australia (so jealous, John!) - we missed you guys! 

-Little Wife Power House