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>conference weekend...sort of

Cooking, Family, Religionlittlew8


This weekend has been amazing so far. I've enjoyed {almost} every second of it. Last night Allan and I scheduled in some chillin' time. No joke. We put 'chillin' on both of our iCalendars for last night. When did life get so busy that we have to schedule relaxing?! Ah, oh well. Better to be busy than not. Anyways, we played Mario, ate cake, and just spent time together. It was such a nice evening. I had to work some but I did it while nursing Holden so it didn't cut into our chillin' time. Moms can multi-task like no other. I was good at multi-tasking before but I have taken it to a whole other level. This morning we woke up and had a breakfast of champions. CAKE. What has my husband turned me into?! iPads AND cake for breakfast? I'm a monster! 

Luckily the weather was on our side so we took Holden for a walk around 10:00. It was perfect jeans/t-shirt weather. Holden got to wear his super cute bear hat. {Allan was SO happy! He loves babies in hats.} 

Holden now sits up {assisted}. His "reward" for pulling up is to chew on my finger. My mom says that's not a great reward. Holden begs to differ, GiGi!

What a big boy! "Look, ma, one hand!"

We got back to the house and we were all excited to watch conference. We stream it from the internet every year and it works nearly glitch free every time. This year everyone was having problems. Our screen was just black. Others said they could hear the audio but no visual. We didn't get either and we couldn't go up to the Stake Center because Holden took a super long nap. So we missed out on both sessions after we skipped a fun activity to watch it. Urgh. It's okay though because Allan and I decided we will listen to a few talks every Monday for FHE for the next few weeks. I love conference weekend. I really do. The speakers are truly inspired and I learn so much from them. 

Casey and Joe came over for lunch. I made chicken parmigiana with spaghetti. It was YUM. 

After our conference shenanigans I decided to go pick up a few things from the grocery store since we're having the BIG bi-weekly family dinner at our house this week. We are having roast, potatoes, carrots, corn, biscuits, and Easy Apple Cake. I'm excited to try the dessert. I'll let you know how it turns out! I get to the Prius to go shopping battery is dead. Apparently in my haste to get the groceries and baby out of the car yesterday (YES - I went yesterday, too) I forgot to close the trunk all the way. It all worked out though. I just took The Golden Bu and picked up some jumper cables while I was at Target. I know it sounds like kind of a crazy weekend but I have really enjoyed it. 

Now Allan just needs to get back from Priesthood Session because Holden has been asleep since 7:45 and I'm kind of bored! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

-Little Wife Power House

By the way, I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful sister, Julie who turned 25 today! A quarter of a century old, not century!! :)