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>a weekend with the great grandparents

Family, Husband, Travellittlew8


We had so much fun in Midland this weekend. It was Holden's first time on an airplane and I had nightmares of him crying the whole time and everyone on the plane going "ugh..." We got there bright and early - even had enough time to grab a Cinnabon! Yum! While GiGi was getting the Cinnabon, I went to a seating area to change Holden's dirty diaper. He was crying pretty loudly. Here's the conversation my Mom had with a guy in line:

*Everyone is looking over at us*
Mom: That's my daughter. She said everyone is probably thinking, "I hope that baby's not on our plane..."
Man: Yeah...*shifty eyes*

Luckily that was the worst of it. He was a perfect angel there and back! I nursed him on the take off and landing except on the way home Holden pulled away because he's a tough boy and didn't need to nurse on the landing! I'm glad it went well because now I won't be dreading the next plane ride. Here are a few pictures on our way to Midland:

We spent the weekend visiting with my grandparents, playing with Holden, showing Holden off to various visitors, playing in the rain (see below!), making our traditional trek to 7-11, and just relaxing in general. It was nice to get away from everything and just be able to be with family. I wish we could go more often. For the first time I noticed just how alike my grandma & mom are. They are both soooo stubborn! Neither of them will let anyone do anything for them unless you force them. Their personalities are so similar. No question that my mom is her daughter. :) Holden loved Midland! He can't wait to go back and neither can we. 

Here is a picture of four generations. Grandma, Mom, me, and Holden:

This picture cracks me up. Like father like son...both infatuated with the iPad...

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