>the dallas arboretum


>I love love love the Dallas Arboretum. Especially this time of year. The pumpkins are's starting to cool down...happy, shiny people looking at all of the beautiful things there. It's a happy place! We got to go this morning with my family and it was Holden's first trip there post womb (weird?). Tom (my mom's boyfriend) even came out for the event! We chatted as we walked around and JR had a blast playing in the pumpkin village. My mom and Tom were out in full force sporting their fanny packs!: 

Allan and I got my mom a fanny pack one year for her birthday to match Tom and this is the first time she's actually worn it. I think she liked it!! She will probably never admit that though. It was so cute to watch Allan playing with Holden from afar.

We went to lunch at R&D Kitchen afterwards and I got their Carnitas Sandwich (yum!) then we were off to Pinkberry. OOoooooOOo my goodness. Pinkberry is heaven in a cup. GO if you haven't yet! The one we went to was at Royal & Preston (luckily right by the temple since Allan & I needed to go). All in all, we were spoiled today by GiGi. Thanks GiGi for the awesome day! I'll leave you with this action shot I love of me and my baby boy.

-Little Wife Power House