>first blog...



(This was written and posted originally on August 24, 2010)

My blog was on tumblr.com but I wasn't getting everything I wanted out of it so I moved here. I wanted people to be able to leave me comments! Tumblr.com is more of a "mini-blog" site. It's great - just not exactly what I was looking for. So...here it goes! 

My sister, Lori, inspired me to start this..Allan (my husband) set my tumblr account up for a me over a month ago but having a newborn doesn’t leave you too much time to blog so I'm just now getting around to it! 
This is more for my benefit than anything. I’m hoping it will hold me accountable to jotting down Holden’s daily accomplishments. It’s really interesting, being a mom. Interesting, fun, challenging, rewarding, etc etc. His newest thing is smiling at me. It seems like a really small thing but the first time he smiled AT me (not just at the space surrounding my head) was amazing! It made me think…”He knows I’m his mom!” Whether that’s true or not…who knows…but it sure made me feel good! 
With all of the amazing things Holden does every day there’s also the…less amazing things :) For example, let’s go back to two days ago. 7:00 AM comes around and Holden is a hungry boy. So I respond accordingly. While nursing him, he does a major poop! Moms out there - you’ll understand my first response - “Go Holden!!” Then I felt it…running down my stomach, then leg…YUCK! Oh man, decontamination began! I quickly yell at Allan to grab the little guy so I can jump in the shower and scald my body with hot water/soap/bleach (JK on the bleach part). “No one ever said being a mom is a glamorous job.” Ain’t that the truth.
Well guys, motherhood is calling my name (aka Holden is crying) so I gotta jet. Talk soon!